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Download the PDF brochure for complete details about our hackathon.

Sustainable Innovations in Construction: From Robotics to the Cloud

Dive into ultimate challenge of sustainable innovation with the ISARC2024 Hackathon. Over three intense days, we invite the brightest minds of master's level students to rethink the future of construction, automation, and robotics. Your mission? To design revolutionary solutions that integrate AI, cloud computing, and robotics to address challenges of safety, quality, productivity, and more, in the construction sector. Whether it's through the development of robots capable of sorting waste, autonomously cleaning sites, or monitoring the construction environment in real-time, your goal will be to merge technology and sustainability to create prototypes that promise a more efficient and sustainable future.

Keywords of the ISARC2024 Hackathon

AI, Construction, Design, Measurement, Automation, Robotics, Software and Hardware
Solutions, Cloud Computing, Security, Quality, Productivity, Servicization, Durability, Efficiency,
Environment, Waste Management, IoT Sensors.

Dive into the Ultimate Challenge of Sustainable Innovation at the ISARC2024 Hackathon

We are calling on the brightest minds among master's level students to embark on a transformative journey over three exhilarating days. The ISARC2024 Hackathon is not just an event; it's a mission to redefine the future of construction, automation, and robotics. Your challenge ? To forge revolutionary solutions that blend AI, cloud computing, and robotics, tackling the pressing issues of safety, quality, productivity, and beyond in the construction sector.

Envision creating robots that can autonomously sort waste, maintain cleanliness on sites, or monitor construction environments in real-time. Your goal is to synthesize technology and sustainability, crafting prototypes that pave the way for a more efficient and sustainable future. This is your chance to push the boundaries of what's possible, applying your knowledge to real-world problems and making tangible contributions to the future of construction.

Through this hackathon, you'll not only test your skills and creativity but also have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the sector's evolution. We're looking for solutions that are not just innovative but also viable and sustainable, with the potential to revolutionize how construction projects are approached and executed.

Are you ready to take on this challenge and make a lasting impact? Join us at ISARC2024 to turn your visionary ideas into reality, shaping a future where construction is safer, more productive, and unequivocally sustainable.

The ISARC2024 Hackathon is an integral part of the ISARC 2024 Symposium, a leading event for construction, automation, and robotics professionals worldwide. The symposium is a hub for exchanging ideas, networking with experts, and discovering the latest industry innovations. 

Learn more about the symposium at


  1. Eco-Tech : Development of an integrated robotic system that uses artificial intelligence toidentify, sort, and manage waste on construction sites. The system could include modularrobotic arms equipped with sensors to recognize and separate recyclable materials fromnon-recyclable and organic waste. The key innovation would be the application of deeplearning algorithms to improve sorting efficiency and reduce the amount of waste destinedfor landfill. This project underscores the importance of sustainability and efficiency inresource and waste management.

  2. RoboCleanConstruct: Development of autonomous robots capable of independentlynavigating construction sites to perform cleaning and tidying tasks. These robots would useadvanced detection and navigation technologies to avoid obstacles and maintain sitecleanliness, thereby contributing to operational safety and efficiency. The focus would be onintegrating innovative propulsion systems and waste collection mechanisms, allowing therobots to operate across various terrains and construction conditions. This project aims toautomate repetitive tasks and reduce risks to human workers.

  3. EcoMonitorBuild: Design of an integrated solution using IoT sensors and a cloud platform tomonitor key environmental parameters on construction sites in real-time, such as air quality,noise levels, and temperature. This solution would ensure compliance with environmentalstandards and improve working conditions. The innovation lies in the use of real-time dataanalysis to provide early warnings and recommendations for mitigating environmentalimpacts. This system would promote proactive decision-making and improve thesustainability of construction projects.

  4. Your Innovation: In addition to addressing the proposed challenges, you are alsostrongly encouraged to demonstrate your innovation and creativity by proposing your ownproject topics. If you have a revolutionary idea that addresses the challenges of construction,automation, sustainability, or any other issue related to the hackathon's keywords, we inviteyou to develop it. All proposals aimed at pushing the boundaries of technology and efficiencyin the construction sector are welcome.

  • Technological Integration: Combine AI, robotics, and cloud computing to develop prototypes capable of optimizing construction processes, improving safety and quality, while supporting sustainability and efficiency.

  • Sustainable Innovation : Focus on creating solutions that promote environmental sustainability and efficiency in the construction sector, from waste management to environmental monitoring and automated site cleaning.

  • Collaboration and Creativity: Encourage interdisciplinary teamwork and creative thinking to tackle the complex challenges of the construction sector with innovative and practical approaches.

At the conclusion of the ISARC2024 Hackathon, each team is required to present their project through a functional prototype, which could be either hardware or software, showcasing their innovative solution. Alongside this prototype, teams must deliver a clear and impactful pitch, lasting between 3 to 5 minutes, in front of a jury of professionals during the semi-finals and finals.This pitch is your opportunity to highlight the innovation, applicability, and feasibility of your solution, emphasizing its potential to contribute positively to the construction industry. It should succinctly encapsulate your project's core idea and business model within a maximum of five slides.


Key Points for Your Pitch :


  • Clearly State the Problem: Begin by clearly defining the specific market need or problem your solution addresses.


  • Illustrate with Real-World Use Cases : Offer clear examples of how your solution could be applied in actual construction settings, demonstrating its practical benefits.


  • Detail the Implementation Plan : Outline how your solution can be realistically implemented in the industry, showing its feasibility.

Pitch Preparation Support :


  • To assist you, a professional will host a 30-minute session during the hackathon to guide you on crafting an effective pitch, focusing on essential elements that make a pitch successful. This session is designed to enhance your ability to communicate your project's value effectively to the jury.

To participate in the ISARC2024 Hackathon, candidates must have a minimum of knowledge in one or more of the following areas : IT, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, construction, data management (Data), the Internet of Things (IoT), and business. This skill base will ensure that all participants can effectively contribute to the design and development of innovative solutions.


We strongly encourage the formation of heterogeneous teams, bringing together people with diverse profiles - marketing, IT, robotics, business, and others - to foster a complementary approach in project development. The diversity of perspectives and expertise within teams is a major asset for innovation, covering all aspects of a viable solution, from its technical design to market strategy. A well-balanced team, combining technical, commercial, and communication skills, will be better able to create compelling prototypes and develop solid business plans, thereby increasing its chances of success. The aim is to stimulate collaboration among talents from different backgrounds, to draw the best from each discipline, and to encourage creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the construction sector and related technologies.

🚀 Jumpstart Your Innovation Journey — The ISARC2024 Hackathon is your free ticket to dive into the heart of the construction industry's future. With a nominal registration fee of 15 euros per participant, we're opening the doors for talents from all walks of life to bring their innovative ideas to the forefront. Over three intense days, you'll develop an innovative prototype, refine your pitch, and present a convincing business model, all while being supported by a network of experts and mentors.


💰 Win Big While Making an Impact — Not only do you stand a chance to win up to 3000€, but you also get the unique opportunity to make a tangible difference. Innovate for sustainability, push the boundaries of technology in construction, and contribute to a sector critical to our global economy and societal well-being. This is your chance to see your ideas come to life and potentially transform the industry.


🗺 Showcase in Front of the Global Elite — Pitch your groundbreaking ideas in front of a jury of internationally recognized professionals and an audience of approximately 200 people. This unparalleled opportunity offers valuable feedback, expands your professional network, and generates interest in your project. You'll meet and collaborate with talented students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and experts from around the world, making connections that could shape the trajectory of your career.


💡 Challenge Yourself and Grow — Test your entrepreneurial skills, innovate, and collaborate on complex projects. This event isn't just about winning; it's about growing, learning, and being part of something larger than yourself. Are you ready for the adventure?Join us at ISARC2024 and be part of shaping the future of construction. 🔥

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  • Selection will be determined by the evaluation of your team's application.

  • A member of the organizing team will contact you within the next few days to inform you of the decision.

  • If your team is selected, you will have four days to complete the payment to confirm your participation.

  • The registration fee is a nominal amount of 15 euros per participant.

Thank you for registering !

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