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Evaluation Criteria

Innovation and Technical Vision:

Assessment of the originality and innovation of the proposed solution, especially its use of AI, robotics, and cloud computing in the construction sector.

The vision must demonstrate a deep understanding of the current and future
challenges of the industry and propose a novel way to address them.

Technical Feasibility and Team Execution Potential:

The team's ability to implement the proposed solution, evaluated through their technical skills, experience, and ability to work effectively together. The evaluation will also consider the presentation of a functional prototype demonstrating the solution's feasibility.

Marketing Strategy and Competitive Advantage:

Clarity and relevance of the go-to-market
strategy, including understanding of the target audience, distribution channels, and
promotion strategies. The solution's competitive advantage, what distinguishes it from existing market offerings, will also be a key criterion.

Relevance and Impact on Sustainability:

Importance given to solutions that not only meet a clear need in the construction sector but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability. This includes energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Functional Prototype :

To advance to the finals from the semi-finals, participants must present a functional prototype. Judging will be based on the functionality and quality of the prototype.

Scalability of the Business Model:

Viability and growth potential of the business model associated with the solution. This includes analysis of cost structure, revenue sources, and the ability to adapt and expand in different markets or regions.

Presentation and Pitch:

Quality of the final presentation and pitch, assessing the team's ability to effectively communicate their vision, the added value of their solution, and their business plan in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner in front of the jury and potential investors.

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