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Final Registration Deadline: May 25, 2024


Terms and Conditions

Please note that your 3-day in-person symposium registration fee includes the following:

– Symposium, June 3-5: Free access to all plenary sessions and parallel sessions, as well as a continental breakfast, lunch, breaks for networking and the Gala Dinner.

Please note that the following events are not included in your registration unless you choose a registration option that explicitly includes one or both of them:
– Industry Day hosted by ISARC2024, June 6, 2024
– Workshop Day hosted by ISARC2024, June 7, 2024

The following exclusions apply:

Accommodation and travel (not included with registration – delegates are responsible for their arrangements and fees)

All payments must be made in Euro and must be received before the event. People who haven’t paid yet will be asked to pay on-site, or show proof of payment. If the delegate can’t give one of these, he or she won’t be allowed to go to the conferences.

The online registration website is a secure website.

Terms and Conditions of Virtual Registration

The registration is valid for one person/one computer. It is strictly forbidden to give the connection links to a third party or group of people without having received special authorisation from the Organiser.

All sessions will be streamed live, and recordings will be made available after the event.

All sessions will be moderated.

Publication of one conference paper in the proceedings.

Delegates presenting a paper as part of the conference program and who choose the virtual attendance option will need to submit a pre-recorded video of their presentation (maximum duration to be adredded shortly).

The pre-recorded video will be played during the session to which the paper has been assigned by the program committee.

There is no guarantee there will be a moderated Q&A session for virtual presentations.

Both in-person and virtual audiences will be invited to submit questions to the virtual presenter via email at this time.

In the case of a live (in-person) presentation, the moderator will have the ability to accept questions submitted by virtual attendees using the chat feature, and, time permitting, the moderator may pose these questions to the presenter (i.e., virtual attendees will not have the ability to unmute themselves to ask questions).

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