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Terms & Conditions

Preliminary Article - DEFINITIONS

For the sake of precision, it has appeared necessary to define the terms below:

  • Hackathon means an innovation competition where participants gather to generate ideas and design solutions over a very short period (usually 1 to 3 days).

  • EuraTechnologies, created in 2009 by the European Metropolis of Lille, the Hauts-de-France Region, and the City of Lille, is one of the largest startup incubators in Europe. A precursor of the French Tech, EuraTechnologies hosts 200 startups each year across 7 verticals (specific support related to an industry sector): PropTech, Retail/Ecommerce, FinTech/InsurTech, Cybersecurity, AgTech/GreenTech, EdTech/HRTech, Industries/Robotics/SpaceTech.

  • Centrale Lille is a French engineering school located in Villeneuve-d'Ascq, in the north of France. Founded in 1854, it is part of the network of central schools. It offers a multidisciplinary engineering education, with a strong emphasis on innovation, management, and international. The school is recognized for its academic excellence and close ties with the industrial world, offering many professional opportunities to its graduates. Centrale Lille also offers masters, specialized master's degrees, and doctoral programs, in addition to actively participating in research and innovation in various sectors and with high-level researchers.

  • ISARC is the premier global organization dedicated to the advancement of Automation and Robotics in Construction. It represents fields of construction including civil and building engineering, machine automation, robotics applications to construction, information technologies, planning, logistics, and more.

  • TECHSHOP is a collaborative manufacturing workshop, offering alternative ways to create, work, collaborate, learn, and pass on knowledge.

  • The Brief and Specifications mean the documents summarizing the origin and the objective of the Contest, accessible to all participants in the Contest on the ISARC2024 website.

ARTICLE 1 | Organization of the contest

THE ASSOCIATION FOR KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT IN CONSTRUCTION, registered under the Associations Law of July 1, 1901, with the SIREN number 919447011, whose address is in Lille (59800) - 1 AV DE MORMAL, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer".The SEM EURATECHNOLOGIES, registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) of Lille Métropole under the number 538 862 277, whose head office is established in Lille (59000) - 165 Avenue de Bretagne, hereinafter referred to as the "Partner".And calls upon individuals or legal entities with the expertise defined in Article 2 of this Regulation, who wish to respond to the Specifications of the Hackathon: Sustainable Innovations in Construction: From Robotics to the Cloud, hereinafter referred to as the "Participants".Hackathon: Sustainable Innovations in Construction: From Robotics to the Cloud- hereinafter referred to as the "Contest".

ARTICLE 2 | Purpose of the contest and conditions of participation



The goal of this ISARC2024 Hackathon is to design and create, in teams and within a limited time, an innovative solution that responds to the current and future challenges of the construction sector, by integrating artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing technologies. The developed projects must not only aim at improving productivity, quality, and safety on construction sites but also promote sustainability and environmental efficiency, in accordance with the guidelines given in the Specifications and Brief of the Contest. The proposed solutions can vary in terms of functionality, design, name, or architecture but must all incorporate an ambitious and pragmatic future vision for the sector.


By participating in the ISARC2024 Hackathon, participants expressly and unreservedly accept the entirety of the Regulation, the course of the contest, and the modes of rewards proposed by the Organizer.


Registration for the ISARC2024 Hackathon is free and requires mandatory prior registration via the dedicated website, thus guaranteeing access to all necessary resources and contest information. The hackathon ISARC2024 website address is as follows:


Registration is open to any physically capable adult individual, or legal entity, with the skills and expertise required in this document and their own computer hardware and software for the duration of the Hackathon.


Excluded from participation in the Contest are:

  • Personnel of the Organizer and the Partner and/or their subsidiaries, and members of their families;

  • Jury members;

  • Members of the event organization;

  • Direct competitors of the Organizer or the Partner and any individual or legal entity that the Organizer considers in conflict of interest, without any need for justification.



Can participate in the Hackathon Sustainable Innovations in Construction: From Robotics to the Cloud:


All physical persons in already formed teams.

Participants must be in teams of three (3) to four (4) members.


Profiles sought:


We are looking for individuals passionate about the challenges of the construction sector, automation, and robotization, who are keen on innovation and willing to engage in entrepreneurship. The ideal participants have experience in the world of robotics, automation, and construction.


The expertise sought:


  • Artificial Intelligence, Automation,

  • Construction, Quality, Productivity,

  • Design, Measurement,Robotics, Software and Hardware Solutions,

  • Cloud Computing, Security,

  • Servitization, Durability, Efficiency, Environment,

  • Waste Management, IoT Sensors Product Design


Teams must be formed to advance on a common project.


To this end, the profiles of participants will be analyzed by a selection committee as applications are received. Selected teams will receive a confirmation email by no later than 31/05/2024.


The interdisciplinarity of teams is a sought-after end. The Organizer will ensure a certain mixing of profiles and affiliation organizations and will also ensure that the skills proposed are in line with the needs of this Contest.


Teams will not be able to be modified during the Hackathon – on June 5, 6, 7, 2024.

ARTICLE 3 | Course of the contest



  • APRIL 10, 2024: Opening of applications

  • MAY 29, 2024: Closure of applications

  • MAY 31, 2024: Confirmation of selected candidatesJUNE

  • 5 – 7, 2024: Hackathon at EuraTechnologies Lille

  • JUNE 7, 2024 from 9 am to 12 pm: Pitch in front of the Hackathon Jury and selection of the 7 finalist teams

  • JUNE 7, 2024 from 4 pm to 6 pm: Pitch and selection of the winning teams during the closing ceremony of the ISARC event at Lilliad Learning Center Innovation, in Villeneuve d’Ascq.







Dates: from June 5, 2024, at 9:00 am to June 7, 12:00 pm.


Location: EuraTechnologies, Place de Saintignon, 165 Av. de Bretagne, 59000 Lille


Format: Teamwork at EuraTechnologies according to a format proposed by EuraTechnologies, coaching


Objective: Product focus. Challenge and rethink the solution as a team over three days.


The seven finalist teams of the Hackathon are selected for the second stage.


  • Functional prototype (hardware or software)


  • 3-minute pitch to present the prototype proposal to the Hackathon jury on June 7, 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm



  • 1 Slide of Business Model/Plan




Dates: June 7 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Lilliad Learning Center Innovation, 2 Av. Jean Perrin, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq.

Format: Pitch in front of an international audience estimated at 200 people and a jury

The four winning teams of the Hackathon are selected for the second stage.


Organization of the 2 hours as follows:

  • Word from Professor Zoubeir LAFHAJ about the hackathon (15’’)

  • Film of the hackathon (20’’)

  • Announcing the finalist teams (5’’)

  • The pitches and presentation of the finalists (45’’)

  • Public vote (10’’)

  • Jury decision (10’’)

  • Prize distribution (15’’)

  • Closing words (10’’)



  • Functional prototype (hardware or software)



  • 3-minute pitch to present the prototype proposal


  • 1 Slide of Business Model/Plan



  • Innovation and Technical Vision:Evaluation of the originality and innovation of the proposed solution, particularly its use of AI, robotics, and cloud computing in the construction sector. The vision must demonstrate a deep understanding of the current and future challenges of the industry and propose an innovative way to address them.

  • Relevance and Impact on Sustainability: Importance given to solutions that not only meet a clear need in the construction sector but also significantly contribute to environmental sustainability. This includes energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

  • Technical Feasibility and Team's Execution Potential: The team's ability to implement the proposed solution, evaluated through their technical skills, experience, and ability to work effectively together.The evaluation will also consider the presentation of a functional prototype demonstrating the feasibility of the solution.


  • Scalability of the Business Model: Viability and growth potential of the business model associated with the solution. This includes the analysis of the cost structure, revenue sources, and the ability to adapt and grow in different markets or regions.


  • Marketing Strategy and Competitive Advantage: Clarity and relevance of the go-to-market strategy, including understanding of the target audience, distribution channels, and promotion strategies. The competitive advantage of the solution, that is, what sets it apart from existing market offerings, will also be a key criterion.


  • Presentation and Pitch: Quality of the final presentation and pitch, assessing the team's ability to communicate their vision, the added value of their solution, and their business plan clearly, concisely, and persuasively in front of the jury and potential investors.

ARTICLE 4 | Contest prizes

Prizes for stage 1 Qualification:

The rewards awarded to the participating teams at the Hackathon June 5 – 7, 2024, from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm:

  • Participation certificates

Prizes for stage 2 Final:

The rewards awarded to the four (4) winning teams of the Hackathon June 5 – 7, 2024, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm:

  • Participation certificates

1st Prize

  • €3,000 for the winning team

2nd Prize

  • €2,000 for the 2nd team

3rd Prize

  • €1,000 for the 3rd team

4th Prize

  • Audience Award

ARTICLE 5 | Allocation of prizes

Winners' prizes


The Organizer will send, within a maximum period of two (2) months, the prizes by transfer, to the bank details indicated by the participants.


The sum will be divided equally among all members of the winning team.

In case of unusable bank details (unreadable, incomplete, or erroneous), the winners will lose the benefit of their prizes.


ARTICLE 6 | Compensation


All registrants in the Contest waive the right to claim any compensation from the Organizer and the Partner due to their participation in this Contest (including expenses incurred such as transport, accommodation, etc.), except for drinks and meals that will be provided by the Organizer during the Hackathon from June 5 to 7, 2024.


ARTICLE 7 | Resources and means made available


The Organizer will provide each team with a workspace including a table, chairs, and internet access. A toolkit will also be made available to participants, and they will have access to the Techshop Fablab. It is noted that teams are allowed to prepare certain elements of their project in advance, whether software or hardware.


Participants must have their own computer hardware.


The Organizer will provide morning, noon, and snack meals from June 5 to 7, 2024.


A final cocktail will take place following the final Pitches on June 7 at 5:30 pm.


The Organizer will provide a space dedicated to the hackathon on the ISARC2024 website with detailed information regarding the Contest.


The Organizer will provide a detailed agenda of the Contest.Each team can benefit from the support of experts mobilized by the Organizer in the themes of the Contest.


At the end of the hackathon, the Organizer may (upon request from the concerned person) issue attendance certificates to participants (teammates, experts, jury members, etc.), who may need to justify their presence.


ARTICLE 8 | Organizer's commitment


From June 17, the Organizer will approach the winning teams to:


  • Provide the indicated prizes


ARTICLE 9 | Modification, interruption, or cancellation of the contest


The Organizer reserves the right, in the event of force majeure, to shorten, extend, modify, interrupt, defer, or cancel the Contest or some of its phases, without their liability being engaged. In this case, the Organizer undertakes to notify all registered in the Contest by any appropriate means (in particular by email and/or by publication on the websites of the Organizer and/or the Partner) and, if applicable, to communicate the new applicable rules. Registrants may notify the Organizer of their refusal of the new applicable rules, in which case they will be excluded from the Contest, which they expressly accept. Failing to have notified such refusal within a period of 72 hours to the Organizer, registrants will be deemed to have accepted the new applicable rules. In case of modification, cancellation, interruption, reduction, or extension of the duration of the Contest, the liability of the Organizer cannot be engaged, and no compensation will be awarded.


ARTICLE 10 | Frauds


The Organizer may cancel all or part of the participations in the Contest if it appears that frauds have occurred in any form, in particular in a computer manner in the context of the participation and/or the conduct of the Contest. In this case, it reserves the right not to award the prizes to fraudsters, to disqualify the concerned team. However, the Organizer cannot incur any liability of any kind towards the fraudsters. Moreover, the Organizer's liability cannot be held in any case for damage, material or immaterial caused during the Contest and its aftermath, to the participating teams, their computer equipment and the data stored therein, and the consequences that may result on their personal, professional, or commercial activity.

ARTICLE 11 | Confidentiality


Confidential information includes all material or immaterial information of any nature, in particular administrative, commercial, scientific, technical, financial, fiscal, legal, or economic, which have been, are, or will be communicated directly or indirectly, and non-exhaustively by oral, written regardless of the support, by delivery of paper or electronic documents.


Do not constitute confidential information :

Information not resulting directly or indirectly from the use of all or part of the confidential information

Information currently accessible or becoming accessible to the public without breach of the terms of the regulation by the participant

Information legally held by the participant before their disclosure by the Organizer

Information validly obtained from a third party authorized to transfer or disclose said information.


Participants like the Organizer and partners commit for the duration of the Contest and for a period of (3) three years after the end of the Contest to: not use the confidential information for purposes other than participation in the Contest under the conditions of the regulation; take all necessary, useful, and reasonable precautions to protect the confidential information; not disclose the confidential information to anyone, by any means, except to members of his team strictly to carry out their project throughout the duration of the Contest.At the end of the Contest, all confidential information obtained in the context of the Contest will be deleted, regardless of their support, except express, prior, and written agreement of the physical or legal person concerned.


ARTICLE 12 | Respect for data, intellectual property, fair play




Everyone commits not to exploit/use and respect the confidentiality of personal data of the persons concerned by the data possibly processed in the context of the Contest. No identified or identifiable data will be used, and, at the very least, without the express, free, and informed consent of the persons concerned.




The results generated during the Contest are the property of the parties that contributed to their developments in applications of the principles and rules dictated by the Intellectual Property Code.


The Organizer cannot claim intellectual property, in any way or under any title, on the results.


In no case, the developed solutions (concepts or prototypes) should infringe an intellectual property right or an image right. Everyone guarantees to the Organizer that his creation does not affect in any way the rights possibly held by a third party, and that he has obtained, if necessary, the authorization of the third party having possibly participated in its elaboration.




Participants commit not to copy the ideas of other teams or participants without their consent. Within a team, any creation (design, algorithm, business model) remains the intellectual property of the Participant who brought the idea or contributed majorly to its development. The intellectual property of the winning project will be transferred to the new co-created company only at the time of the constitution of said company, and after agreement of all its shareholders. Euratechnologies acts as a trusted third party with the aim of reaching a balanced agreement between the parties. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify from the contest any participant not respecting the "Fair-Play" clause.




By registering for the Contest, people accept the capture of their image (in any form and on any support) during the Contest as well as the reproduction, use, and distribution of their image, for a duration of five (5) years, notably for promotional purposes for a future event organized by the Organizer and/or the Partner, for the promotion of the Contest, deliverables, or as part of their future development and implementation.


All Participants in the Contest grant without compensation their right to image, regardless of the form (such as photographs, recordings, without this list being exhaustive) to the Organizer and the Partner for, in particular, the following uses:


the reproduction of photographs and/or films, in whole or in part, by all known and unknown processes to date and on all supports;


the representation of photographs and/or films, in whole or in part, by all processes of communication to the public known and unknown to date.


This authorization is granted free of charge for the whole world.


ARTICLE 13 | Responsibility of participants and the organizer


During the entire duration of the Contest from June 5 to June 7, 2024, we count on the kindness, respect for others, and the competitive spirit of all teams. Each participant commits to show loyalty and courtesy towards the team he belongs to, but also towards other teams so as to preserve the spirit that presides over the event. The Organizer can moreover not be held responsible for any connection problem to the event's website due to any technical fault or any problem related notably and not limited to (1) network congestion; (2) a human error or electrical origin; (3) any malicious intervention; (4) hardware or software; (5) any software or hardware malfunction; (6) a force majeure case; (7) disturbances that could affect the smooth running of the Contest. It is up to each registrant to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software stored on his computer equipment against any breach. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for contamination by any viruses on the computer equipment or intrusion of a third party within the terminal system.

The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from participation in the Contest any person disturbing the conduct of the Contest.

Each remains solely and entirely responsible for the damages caused by him or by his equipment to property or persons in the context of the Contest. Each takes charge of covering his risks by his own insurance and waives to exercise any recourse against the Organizer in this respect.


ARTICLE 14 | Application of the regulation


The Organizer reserves the right to modify this Regulation at any time in the form of an amendment, in compliance with the conditions stated, and published by online announcement on the dedicated site to the Contest. The regulation (and its future possible amendment) is available on the ISARC2024 site for the entire duration of the Contest. Participation in the Contest implies full, complete, and unreserved acceptance of the present regulation. Participation in the Contest is strictly personal. No claim related to the Contest will be taken into account after a period of 6 (six) months following the end date of the Contest.


The Regulation is subject to French law.

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